What Does the Lovers Tarot Card Mean?

The Lovers card is the seventh card in the sequence of the tarot deck. The image of the Lovers, like the collection of concepts they represent, is a multi-faceted one. On one hand, they do represent the obvious concepts of sexuality and love itself. However, on the other hand, they are also representative of divine love, the potential duality of love, and all the subtleties of a close relationship between any two beings.

As previous figures in the tarot sequence have been closely linked to the concepts of mind, body, and spirit, the Lovers can be reportedly in synch with the realm of sensation. Love, of course, is the biggest and mercurial sensation of all, and as such, it covers much varied ground and can lead to a variety of different results in the grand scheme of a story. While pure, divine, or devoted love can be a driving force that adds purpose and beauty to any life, there are of course, forbidden the lovers tarot card keywords dark breeds of love to consider as well. Such things can quickly lead to disaster and downfall. For this reason, the Lovers card can also be reportedly about lovers tarot card meaning, morality, and trust as well as love and sensation.

The tarot image of the Lovers features two human figures as the main focus. Traditionally they are human to invoke the memory of the very first couple – Adam and Eve – but Lovers cards that feature clothed figures certainly exist as well. Each figure stands in front of a tree – the woman in front of the Tree of the Information about Good and Evil and the man before the Tree of Life. A serpent is often depicted within the offices of the Tree of Knowledge as well, suggesting the lovers we see are as yet in their purest form – innocence before the fall and the subsequent corruption. In the background, the sunshine a shine behind a beneficent, angelic figure who looks down upon the scene unfolding below.

The figures of the Lovers are not simply stand-ins for the idea of various forms of love. They are also heavily associated with choices of a moral character. This is highlighted by the way the figures are web mediated by the angelic figure in the middle even as they each stand in front of forest that represent truly life-changing choices. Pre-owned involved could be seen as a simple choice between something positive and something more sinister. It could also be choice that will prove a great test to one’s principles or higher ideas.

When the Lovers make an appearance in a tarot reading, they can certainly be said to represent a proper couple depending on their position. This can either be a couple in a very straight-forward sense – two people in a close relationship… probably a sexual relationship, but not necessarily. The Lovers can also appear when that represent a duality within the self of some sort. The surrounding cards will offer much more information towards the main features of what type of pairing is most likely.

When not standing in for a coupling, the Lovers quite often suggest a choice of some sort – most likely an alternative that carries moral undertones. The most common design is a choice between a spouse and a lover, but the choice could also be between lucid sense and sensation, what’s best for the querent and what’s best for the family, and so forth.

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